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2011-01-15 16:57:02

I am Ford Turner from the United kingdom and I have a

13.500euro pay Fashion job (Assignment) for you. My

client wants to update their Catalog with the new year

release Fashion outfits and i'm interested in you for

the shooting. I am a Model Agent by profession with

about 15 years experience.While I was searching

through the internet for a super model, i came across

your wonderful pictures and profile which fits the

exact type of Statistics required for the shoot. That

is the main reason why I contacted you. Find all

details for the job below.

The shooting will be held at a rented photographers

studio in your location,so you do not have to worry

about traveling,the name and address of the studio

will be fowarded to you before the date of the

shooting, so all make up will be taken care of in the

studio. You can also come along with one or two

persons of your choice on the day of the shooting,your

mum, dad, friends, body-guard and anybody you wish to

come with just for you to feel more comfortable.

You have 12 different Fashion outfits to cover,which

would be provided by our client on the day of the

shooting,you are to come with your own footwears and

any hair colour.

Jeans and Jackets

The total pay for the jobs is 13.500euro and you get

20% as your wage on your first payment.

You need to have good and attractive postures. So I

suggest you start working out/training. Basically this

is all that is required of you.

Please get in touch with me if you will take the job

so that we can start up from there.
ford Turner.